Welcome to "Innovation in State Government"

The Virginia Department of Taxation continues to embark on an ambitious private-public partnership to re-engineer our business processes. State-of-the-art technological systems have been implemented to include Imaging/Scanning capabilities, Pop-up screen technology, and innovative Accounting/Collections systems. Additionally, our Web-enabled systems allow our Tax Customers to access tax forms, file taxes, and receive general tax updates through the Internet! We are working to improve customer services because our focus is "customer first" in everything we do.

We offer a diverse range of career opportunities for progressive-minded individuals seeking challenges. Availability of entry-level to management positions may vary based on business needs. Some professional positions such as field auditors are home-based throughout the state.

The links below will provide additional information on how you can join a team of innovators!

Last Updated 05/03/2016 07:26