e-File Developer Specifications


The Virginia Department of Taxation (the Department) designed this page to provide technical requirements, schema details, business rules and testing scenarios used in the development of e-File software.

The e-File software supports the electronic filing of Individual Income Tax, Corporation Income Tax and Pass-through Entity (PTE) tax return/schedule data to the Department via the IRS Fed/State electronic filing system. Any software developed to support this data goes through the Department's testing and approval process. The status of that process is provided on the "Approved e-File Software" pages.

Approved e-File Software

The Department does not promote or endorse any particular e-File product. Approval by the Department only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.

Software vendors that have been approved via the e-File testing practices are displayed in the pages below with a status of "Approved". Vendors that are still testing display a status of "Pending".

e-File Documents & Specifications

Specifications for e-File forms are provided in the Schema Package, while the Guide / Test Package provides the details for business rules, transmission requirements and e-File testing purposes. Additional e-File declaration and signature forms are also provided for software developers/vendors' convenience.

Document Document Description Revision Date
Individual Income Tax
Individual Schema (V1.2) 2014 Individual e-File Schema Package (Version 1.2) 03/02/15
Individual Schema (V1.1) 2014 Individual e-File Schema Package (Version 1.1) 11/04/14
Individual Guide 2014 Individual e-File Guide 01/2015
Individual Tests 2014 Individual e-File Test Package 11/2014
Form VA-8453 2014 Individual e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453 11/2014
Form VA-8879 2014 Individual e-File Signature Form VA-8879 11/2014
Corporation Income Tax & PTE Tax
Corporation & PTE Schema (V1.0) 2014 Corporation & PTE e-File Schema Package (Version 1.0) 11/04/14
Corporation & PTE Guide 2014 Corporation & PTE e-File Guide 11/2014
Corporation & PTE Tests 2014 Corporation & PTE e-File Test Package 11/25/14
Form VA-8453C 2014 Corporate e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453C 11/2014
Form VA-8879C 2014 Corporate e-File Signature Form VA-8879C 11/2014
Form VA-8453P 2014 PTE e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453P 11/2014
Form VA-8879P 2014 PTE e-File Signature Form VA-8879P 11/2014


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