Fillable Forms

Fillable Forms is hosted and owned by an approved Virginia Free File commercial vendor that partners with the Virginia Department of Taxation (the Department) to provide this service. Free Fillable Forms has no limitations for income, age, or location to prepare your return. However, there are some limitations if you plan to e-file your return.



Important - Fillable Forms supports Internet Explorer 8 to prepare and e-file your return; however, it does not support printing the return. If you plan to print your return, use Internet Explorer 9 (or higher) or another internet browser.

If you have any of the following conditions - you can still use the program to complete the return, but you will need to print and mail the return into the Department instead of electronically filing.

  • If you claim more than 3 additions, subtractions, deductions or contributions.
  • If you claim any of the 10 credits that require supporting documentation to be mailed to the Department. See the Schedule CR instructions for details.
  • If you claim credits for taxes paid to another state on the Schedule OSC.


Vendor Disclaimer

The Department fully endorses this vendor and the service they are providing. We recommend you review the e-File vendor's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service when you get to their site to fully understand what information is collected by this private business and how it is used. As you leave the Department's site, you will be taken to the vendor's site, which is intentionally designed to be unbranded.

Last Updated 06/03/2015 07:20