Business iFile FAQs

Benefits of using Business iFile

  • Available 24 hours a day - file your taxes when it is convenient for you.
  • File tax returns online in a matter of minutes.
  • Pay taxes electronically using ACH Debit where you authorize the bank account information, the payment date and amount to be transferred from your bank. There is no fee charged by the Department or by your banking institution.
  • Performs all calculations for you, reducing the need to use tax tables.
  • Schedule your debit payment to occur on a future date that you specify.
  • Save a Draft of your return and come back later to finalize and submit.
  • Receive immediate confirmation when you file and pay your taxes.
  • View up to 14 months of filing history including any unfiled or unpaid months.
  • Receive filing reminder emails and confirmation of filings.
  • Update your Business Profile to maintain accurate information about your business.
  • Online help and instructions are available to assist you through the process.


File and Pay Taxes

What taxes can I file using Business iFile?

Business iFile will support the following tax/form types. Only the taxes you have been registered to file and pay through iFile will be presented to you.

  • Retail Sales Tax (ST-9 with Schedule ST-9B and ST-9R, ST-9CO with Schedule ST-9B, and ST-9)
  • Use Tax (ST-8 with Schedule ST-8B and ST-8R, and ST-8 with Schedule ST-6B)
  • Employer Withholding taxes (VA-5, VA-6, VA-15, VA-16)
  • Household Employer Tax (VA-6H)
  • Corporate Estimated Tax payments (500ES)
  • Corporate Extension payments (500CP)
  • Digital Media Fee (DM-1)
  • Unemployment taxes with the Virginia Employment Commission (FC-20 and FC-21)
  • Insurance Premiums License Tax Estimated Vouchers (Form 800ES)

At this time Business iFile does not support the following tax/form types:

  • Pass Through Entity (502, 502W)
  • Consumer Use Tax (ST-7)
  • Direct Pay Sales Tax (ST-6)
  • Litter Tax (Form 200)
  • Communications Tax (CT-75)
  • Vending Machine Tax (VM-2)
  • Motor Vehicle Wholesale Fuel Sales Tax (DFT-1)
  • Watercraft Sales Tax (WCT-2)
  • Tire Recycling Fee (T-1)
  • Aircraft Sales Tax (AST-1)
  • Motor Vehicle Rental Tax (MVR-420)
  • Surplus Lines Broker Quarterly Tax Report (Form 801)
  • Egg Excise Tax (EG-1)
  • Forest Products Tax (1034 and 1035)
  • Soft Drink Excise Tax (404)
  • Apple Excise Tax (APL-45)
  • Corn Assessment (CO-1)
  • Cotton Assessment (CX-1)
  • Peanut Excise Tax (PN-1)
  • Small Grains Assessment (SG-1)
  • Sheep Tax (SH-1)

What do you need to get started using Business iFile?

If you are a new business and have not registered with the Department of Taxation you must register first using iReg, our online registration system. Once you are registered you will automatically be enrolled to use Business iFile. If you are already registered then you will need to Enroll to use Business iFile. To enroll you will need your 15 digit tax account number, the zip code of your business mailing address and the total amount due on your most recently filed return. This information is needed to ensure only authorized representatives of your business are provided access to confidential information pertaining to your business.

Can I file a zero tax return?

Yes, you are required to file a return based on your filing frequency. If you have no liability for a particular period you may file a zero return. Select the tax type and filing period and enter zero in the applicable amount fields and File the Return.

Who is not eligible to use Business iFile?

The types of tax accounts that cannot file and pay taxes online include:

  • Tax account is closed. You may be able to file unfiled periods that are less than 14 months old.
  • Tax account period is not yet liable (you have not opened your business yet or have not reached the begining liability date of your first period).
  • Tax account has a filing frequency of occasional (such as withholding for distributions from pension plans).

Can I import or upload data into Business iFile?

Business iFile does not allow you to import or upload data but Web Upload supports this. Web Upload allows you to file tax returns and make debit payments electronically by uploading a file. This is an ideal solution for tax preparers who file for more than one client or for businesses that have more than one location to report sales tax for. Web Upload supports a variety of file types including Excel. Web Upload FAQs

Can I amend my return online?

At this time, Business iFile only allows you to file and pay your one return for a tax period. If you have already filed a return and wish to amend it please submit an amended return on paper.

Are there other payment options available?

Business iFile does not support Credit Card or Debit Card payments. Only bank debit payments are available within Business iFile. You may however file your tax return using Business iFile and then pay the tax using an ACH Credit authorized through your bank. For more information on making an ACH Credit please see our Electronic Payment Guide.

Can I change or delete the payment once it's been submitted?

If you are filing your return before the due date, you may specify a date in the future to have your payment of taxes debited from your bank account. We call this "Warehousing" your payment. The selected payment date must be between the current date and the due date of the return. Any return filed after the due date will not have the warehouse option available.

If the payment date has passed, you cannot delete the payment. You can call your bank and ask to have a stop payment placed on the transaction. Most banks will charge a fee for this.

If a payment was warehoused, you can delete the payment any time before 2 PM on the date you chose to have the account drafted. On the Home page, select the tax return and change the amount of the payment to $0. Select "Pay Now" so the change will be accepted.

When will the payment be withdrawn from my account?

You can specify any date up to and including the due date of the return. If the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the funds will be withdrawn from the account the next business day.


Update Your Business Profile

Business iFile allows you to manage your account online. It is important to maintain accurate information about your business.

  • Business iFile allows you to file taxes with both the Virginia Department of Taxation and the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). If you are already registered with the Department and you have employees but you are not yet registered with VEC, you will be presented with an option to Register with VEC.
  • Update Address information we have on file for your Business. You may update your Primary Business Physical Address, your Primary Business Mailing Address in addition to any tax-specific mailing addresses you may have provided to us such as a Sales Tax mailing address, an Employer Withholding mailing address, etc. If you do not have tax-specific mailing address but want to add one to your account you can do that too.
  • Update Contact information we have on file for your Business to include the contact person, email address, phone number and Fax number. You may update your Primary Business Contact in addition to any tax-specific contacts you may have provided to us such as a Sales Tax contact, an Employer Withholding contact, etc. If you do not have a tax-specific contact but want to add one to your account you can do that too.
  • Add or Update Responsible Officers associated with your business.
  • Notify us online if you Close one of your Business Locations or if you Close your Business all together. By informing us when you close your business we will mark your account inactive and not expect future tax return filings from you.
  • End a Tax-type liability for your Account. If for example you are currently registered for Sales Tax and Employer Withholding Tax but decide you no longer will have any paid employees working for you, you can go online and end your liability (responsibility) for a specific tax type.
  • Add a new Tax Type to your existing Account. If for example you are currently registered for Sales Tax and at a later date hire employees you can go online and add Employer Withholding Tax to your Account.
  • Add a new Business Location to your Account. If you open another business location you can now go online and add that new location to your existing Sales Tax account. We can consolidate your locations under your existing Account for you so you only need to file one return to represent all of your Locations or if you prefer you can have separate Accounts for each business location.
  • You may Print a copy of your Sales Tax Certificate.

To report a Change in Ownership of an existing business, the current owner must "Close" their Business and the new owner must Register as a New Business.

To report a Legal Business Name change or a Trading As Name change, complete Form R-3.


Manage Your Account

User Maintenance

The majority of users are considered the "Master User" of their account and they control who else can have access to your account. If the Master User wishes they may assign add, delete or modify users of their online account. The role of an "Approver" is to approve a tax return before it is filed or they can assign a "Preparer". Preparers have access to file returns on behalf of the business. Each user (Master, Preparer, Approver) has their own User ID and password.

  • Master - The Master User is the person that defines the access rights for all other Business iFile users from that company. This person must be authorized to file and pay state taxes for the business. This person also defines the bank account information, which will be used to pay taxes through bank debit. Each company can have only one Master User. The Master User can also perform all of the functionality of the Approver and Preparer classes. The Master User can set-up six additional account users. These account users can be designated with Approver or Preparer abilities. To add or modify users, the Master User must be logged on, click on "Manage Your Account" and then "User Maintenance".
  • Preparer - Preparers can prepare returns, but they cannot file returns or authorize the payment of taxes due. After preparing a return, the Preparer can automatically generate an email to an Approver notifying the Approver that the return is complete and ready for review.
  • Approver - The Approver can file and pay company taxes. This person has the ability to modify input performed by the Preparer class, submit the tax form, and complete the payment. The Approver can also perform all of the functions of the Preparer class.

Update Bank Account

You must define your bank account information and a bank contact before you can make a payment using Business iFile. For bank information we will need your bank's Routing Number and your Bank Account Number.

If you choose you may define up to two different bank accounts for each tax type you are registered for. For example, some taxpayers wish to pay their sales tax from one account and their withholding from another.

If you have changed banks or opened a new bank account you will need to update the bank account information. The new information will be reflected immediately, however if any pending Warehoused payments exist from your old account, they will not be made.

Linked Accounts

If your TAX and VEC accounts have the same FEIN, you may link your TAX and VEC account together so you can review all of your accounts at one time. Accounts can be linked regardless of your user type (Master, Preparer, Approver).

Accounts can be unlinked for any of the following reasons: User information was changed (User ID, Password, etc.), User was deleted by the "Master user" or Account is closed.

Change Password

It is important to periodically change your password. A strong password is an important security tool and periodically changing your password will further help to protect your information.

Never give your password out to anyone.

Update Email Address

Please keep your email address up to date. We use your email address to send you filing reminders 5 days before the due date, to send you confirmation of your tax filings and to provide you with a Temporary password if you forget your password.

Send or Receive a Secure Message

Secure Messaging is a safe and secure method for communicating with the Virginia Department of Taxation regarding specific information about your account. All messages sent from you or to you are encrypted using the highest level of commercially available encryption.

All messages will remain in your mailbox for one year.



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