QuickPay FAQs

What is QuickPay?

QuickPay is a free online tax bill paying service from the Department of Taxation that allows Businesses and Individuals to pay Department of Taxation bills electronically from their savings or checking account.

What do I need to login to QuickPay?

  • Go to QuickPay at www.tax.virginia.gov/QuickPay.
  • Select the type of account (Business or Individual).
  • Enter your 15-digit account number or 9-digit social security number.
  • Enter one of the 5-digit bill numbers found on the recent bill statement you have received from the Virginia Department of Taxation. Do not attempt to login using bill numbers for bills that are under hold for Bankruptcy or Appeal.

When I try to log in, why do I get a message that says I cannot use this bill number to login?

Please login with a bill number that is not held for Bankruptcy or Appeal. Please contact the Department at 804-367-8045.

Can I schedule a future payment (warehouse)?

Payments can be warehoused on bills up until the 30th day after the date they were issued. For bills older than 30 days, the payments must be scheduled for today.

I sent a payment in the mail but my balance in QuickPay does not reflect that payment.

Allowing for mail delivery and processing time, please allow 7-10 business days for the payment to be reflected in the QuickPay balance.

Can I pay more than one bill at a time?

Yes, but please note that payment by this method requires that you pay all of the selected bills in full and payments cannot be warehoused to a future date.

At the Welcome page, select the boxes of the bills you want to pay. Then select the "Pay Selected Bills" button.

Can I return to QuickPay to review my payments?

QuickPay will display bill payments made online using QuickPay for up to two years.

Last Updated 02/08/2015 12:47