Virginia Tax Refund Debit Cards
GoProgram® Fees

Fees are only applicable while the card account has a balance. Once the card balance reaches zero, the card will be considered dormant and no additional fees will be assessed. Fees are effective as of February 6, 2014 and are subject to change.

Transaction Type Service Fee
Online Access to Card Account Information No Fee anytime at
Retail Purchases at a business location or online No Fee anytime (PIN or signature)
Cash Back With Purchase No Fee anytime
Teller-assisted Cash Withdrawals One (1) for no fee at MasterCard® Member Banks or Credit Union teller windows and $5 for each additional withdrawal
Funds Transfer (only to a US bank account in your name) No Fee anytime. You must call the automated customer service at 1-855-409-0580 or go to
ATM Withdrawals (In-Network) One (1) for no fee each month at MoneyPass® ATMs and $2.50 for each additional withdrawal
ATM Withdrawal (Out-Of-Network)* $3.75 for each ATM withdrawal not conducted at a MoneyPass® ATM
ATM Balance Inquiry (In-Network) One (1) for no fee at any MoneyPass® ATM and 35¢ for each additional inquiry
ATM Balance Inquiry (Out-Of-Network) 50¢ each inquiry
ATM Denial

50¢ for each ATM denial, whether the ATM is an in-network or out-of-network ATM. An ATM denial occurs when there are not available funds to cover your cash withdrawal request.

International ATM Transaction Fee*

$3.75 for each international ATM transaction, plus an additional International Transaction Fee will also apply - see below

International Transaction Fee 2% of transaction amount for each ATM cash withdrawal and purchase transaction conducted outside of the U.S.

Calls to the Go Program® Live or Automated Customer Service at 1-855-409-0580

Five (5) for no fee per month and $1 for each additional call
Card Replacement

$5 for each Card request with Standard Delivery (5 to 8 business days). For Expedited Delivery (2 to 3 business days), an additional $18 fee also applies. Card Replacement Fee applies only if account was activated.

Mailed Card Account Statement $2.50 per statement
Inactivity Fee** $5 per month after six (6) consecutive months of inactivity following the activation of your Card.
Instant Mobile Balance Text Alert*** One (1) for no fee and 10¢ for each additional text alert

Low Balance Alerts*** (Email, Phone or Text Message)

No fee anytime


* When using an out-of-network ATM, you will receive a message if an additional "surcharge" or "convenience fee" will be applied. You will be provided with an option to either press "Enter" to agree to the surcharge or to cancel the transaction and go to another ATM.

** Inactivity is defined as no deposits, cash withdrawals, calls to the Go Program automated or live customer service, ATM balance inquiries, funds transfers, or purchases for six (6) consecutive months. The inactivity fee will not be charged after the Card account balance reaches zero ($0.00) or after the Card account begins to have activity.

*** You are responsible for all charges imposed by your mobile carrier or internet service provider.

Note: Fee-free transactions earned expire at the end of each calendar month if not used.

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