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How to Assemble Your Tax Return

How To Assemble Your Return - Form 760

You can help us provide better customer service by taking the time to assemble your return according to the list shown below. The Department of Taxation uses imaging equipment, which allows us to process returns more efficiently. By arranging your return according to the list shown below, Customer Service Representatives will be able to more quickly identify any forms associated with your return and provide you with faster and better service.

  • Form 760
  • Schedule ADJ 
  • Schedule VAC
  • Schedule OSC
  • Schedule CR
  • Form 760C or Form 760F
  • Forms 301 and 306

Enclose your original Virginia Form 760, Schedule ADJ, Schedule VAC, Schedule OSC and Schedule CR . Do not send photocopies of these forms. Photocopies of all supporting documents are acceptable.


How to Assemble Your Return - Form 760PY and Form 763

If you completed any of the forms shown below, you must enclose copies with your Virginia return. Place these forms behind your Virginia return in the following order.

Virginia Forms

  • Form 760PY or Form 763 
  • Schedule 760PY ADJ or Schedule 763ADJ 
  • Schedule of Income Form 760PY
  • Schedule VAC
  • Schedule OSC
  • Schedule CR
  • Form 760C or Form 760F
  • Forms 301 and 306

If claiming credit for income tax paid to another state, enclose a complete copy of the state tax return filed with the other state. Also enclose any supporting documentation required for credits claimed.

If filing both Form 760PY and Form 763, enclose Form 763 behind Form 760PY. Enclose a statement in front of the forms stating that "Form 763 is included behind Form 760PY".

Federal Forms

Enclose a complete copy of your federal income tax return.


Include Your W-2s and Payments

Withholding forms: Be sure to enclose W-2, Schedule VK-1 and 1099 forms that indicate the same amount of Virginia income tax withheld as the amount you claim on your return.

Payments: You can make your individual income tax payments by credit card. In cooperation with Department of Taxation, Official Payments Corporation offers individuals the opportunity to pay taxes by telephone or directly over the Internet. Click here for more information. If you are paying by credit card, please notify us by completing the payment indicator on your tax form, as shown below:

  • Form 760 - fill in the oval below line 37.
  • Form 760PY - check the box on line 37.
  • Form 763 - check the box on line 37.

If you select to pay by check, be sure to enclose your check for the amount due. 

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