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2013 Virginia Refund Debit Card Update

During the 2013 filing season, some taxpayers encountered issues relating to the Virginia Refund Debit Card and the debit card vendor.  Below is the statement issued by the Virginia Department of Taxation at the time:

Important Update Regarding the new Refund Debit Card Program

A recent problem with the new Refund Debit Cards has been identified where a small number of taxpayers were inaccurately assessed a fee by the debit card vendor, Xerox, when they transferred funds from their debit card to their bank account. Xerox has corrected this error and any incorrect fees have been reimbursed. 

In addition, some language on Xerox’s Go Program website and automated phone system related to transfers was incorrectly stated and caused confusion to some taxpayers.  Xerox has now corrected that language.

Specific questions have also been raised about fees when calling the Go Program for customer service. Those fees are explained in detail in the information that accompanies each Refund Debit Card and are also posted here

Below is a statement issued from Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc.

In 2012 the Commonwealth contracted Xerox Corporation to disburse personal tax refunds via debit card to Virginians who did not opt to receive their refunds by direct deposit.  Card programs such as this one are complex to execute, and it’s not unusual to encounter some challenges during implementation. In Virginia, we have been made aware of and have worked with Xerox to address a small number of erroneous fees for bank transfers and to update some language on the program’s Web site and automated phone system to clarify applicable card fees and other features regarding bank transfers.

Cardholders are allowed one free fund transfer from the card to a bank account. A small number of cardholders were inappropriately charged for making bank transfers for which the transfer fee did not apply. The fewer than two dozen people who were inaccurately charged this fee have been reimbursed by Xerox.

Some language on the Web site and the automated phone system for the personal tax refund card may have been confusing to cardholders. Xerox has updated and clarified that language.

In very specific cases Xerox reimbursed cardholders for chargeable calls to the call center because they may have previously received potentially inaccurate information from a customer service representative.

Xerox has reaffirmed its commitment to work closely with the Virginia Department of Taxation to work through any future issues, aiming to ensure the personal tax refund card program runs smoothly for Virginians and maximizes savings for the Commonwealth.

Overall the new Debit Card program has been successful with very few glitches. To date we have issued over 250,000 refunds on debit cards and the majority of taxpayers have been able to easily access their funds through point-of-sale use, bank withdrawals, ATM withdrawals and bank transfers.

We apologize for any frustration and inconvenience these problems may have caused.

If you have questions or feel you were affected by these problems, please contact us at (804) 367-8031 or through Live Chat.


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