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Do I need to fill out any application forms to qualify for amnesty?

No. There are no forms specifically for Virginia Tax Amnesty 2017.

What if I am already enrolled in a partial payment arrangement with Virginia Tax for my outstanding tax bills?

If you have an existing partial payment plan (PPA), you can receive amnesty benefits as long as you pay off the tax due and half the interest on eligible bills before the end of the amnesty period.

  • Payments received on cases with active PPAs between September 13, 2017 and November 14, 2017 are processed according to amnesty payment processing rules (i.e., smallest amnesty-eligible balance first).
  • If the taxpayer defaults on a PPA at any point after the amnesty period, the additional 20% penalty will be added to the remaining tax due after November 14, 2017.

You may enter into payment plans during Tax Amnesty, but will not receive amnesty benefits unless full payment is made within the amnesty period.

  • If you enter into payment plans during amnesty, you will not be subject to the 20% amnesty penalty provided you remain current on your payment plans.
  • If you fail to make timely payments or otherwise fail to comply with the terms of any payment plan, the 20% penalty will be applied.

You can sign up for new partial payment plans during the amnesty period.

  • Amnesty relief will only be granted on any amnesty-eligible bill that is paid in full according to amnesty rules, during the amnesty period, regardless of the bill being included in a part pay plan or not.

Can I participate in amnesty if I am currently under investigation or prosecution for fraud or have been issued a fraud or jeopardy penalty assessment on one of my tax bills?

No. Any taxpayer who is under investigation or prosecution for filing a fraudulent return, failing to file a return, filing a return in order to evade the tax, or who has been issued a jeopardy or fraud penalty assessment on any tax bill will not be eligible to participate in Amnesty.

What if I send a payment without a bill number?

Payments submitted by amnesty-eligible taxpayers that do not specify a bill number will automatically be applied to amnesty-eligible bills first, starting with the bill with the smallest amnesty balance.

Will Virginia Tax continue normal collection activities during amnesty?

Yes, we will continue normal collection activities before, during, and after Tax Amnesty. If you choose to wait to pay your bill until the amnesty period begins you face the risk of collection action. Audits, liens, padlocking, revocations, and pending court actions will not cease during the Tax Amnesty period.

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