What is the due date for my Virginia income tax return?

The due date for your Virginia income tax return is May 1. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, you may file your return on the next business day. The United States Postal Service postmark is used to verify the date your return is mailed. If you are a fiscal year filer, your return is due the 15th day of the fourth month, following the close of your fiscal year.

How can I check on my refund?

Check the status of your refund online, or through our automated telephone system by calling 804.367.2486.

Be sure to have a copy of your tax return available, since you will need to know the amount of the expected refund.

If you have questions concerning a refund from a prior year, or other refund questions, please contact Customer Services at 804.367.8031, Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where can I obtain Virginia tax forms?

You may download forms and instructions from this website, or request them by calling 804.367.8031. You may also wish to try paperless filing, using Free File/E-File.

Where should I mail my return?

The mailing address for your income tax return is found on the back cover of the Virginia Individual Income Tax Instruction booklet and on this web site at "Where to File".

Can I pay my taxes by credit card?

Official Payments is a third party credit card vendor that Virginia Tax has partnered with to enable customers to pay individual income taxes over the Internet (or telephone) . If you owe taxes and wish to pay by credit card, call Official Payments at 1-800-2PAY-TAX (800.272.9829) or visit their web site at www.officialpayments.com. The jurisdiction code for Virginia is 1080. A convenience fee will be charged by Official Payments for this service. The convenience fee is $1.00 for payments up to $40.00 and 2.5% for payments greater than $40.00. Official Payments accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How long am I required to keep my state tax returns?

You should keep your tax records for at least three years from the due date of the return or the date the return was filed, whichever is later. If the Internal Revenue Service requires you to keep your federal records for a longer period, keep your state records for the same period of time.

Why do I have to file a return, if I am due only a small refund?

Virginia law requires that you file an individual income tax return if your Virginia adjusted gross income is over the minimum filing threshold. Unless you file a return, we have no way of knowing whether you owe tax, which could result in you receiving a nonfiler notice.

Will I be penalized if I am due a refund, but my return is filed late?

No, there is no penalty assessed if you are due a refund, even if you file your return after the due date. However, you must file a return within three years of the original due date in order to claim your refund.

What documentation do I need to prepare my Form 760?

Generally, you will need a copy of your completed federal income tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ), any supporting federal schedules (A, C, D, E, F), your W-2 wage forms and 1099 income forms showing Virginia tax withheld, Virginia Schedule ADJ and Virginia Schedule CR. If you are claiming a credit for taxes paid to another state, you will need a copy of that state's completed tax return.

What is the procedure for changing my address?

You may send us a letter providing your social security number, old address, new address, and your signature to:

Department of Taxation
Office of Customer Services
P.O. Box 1115
Richmond, Virginia 23218-1115
or fax your request to 804.254.6113

If you move to a new address after filing your return, but before you receive your refund, be sure to file a change of address with your former post office so your refund or any correspondence from Virginia Tax can be forwarded to you.