1099-G/1099-INTs are now available.

To look up your Form 1099-G/1099-INT online, you’ll need the following information from your most recently filed Virginia tax return:

  • Your adjusted gross income (Line 1)
    • If you filed a part-year return, add together the amounts from both columns, Line 1.
  • The tax year of your return
  • Your Social Security number (If you filed jointly, you’ll also need your spouse’s SSN).
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Understanding your Form 1099-G/1099-INT

Your Form 1099-G reflects any refund or overpayment credit you received from us during 2019 (Box 1). If you were eligible for and received a Tax Relief Refund during 2019, it will also be included in the refund or overpayment credit amount (Box 1). Form 1099-INT reflects any associated interest (Box 2). If you itemized deductions last year, you may need to report these amounts as income on your 2019 federal income tax return. 

1099-G/1099-INT Example Card


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