Virginia Tax has created substitute versions of existing tax forms so that proper processing of customer information can occur. Since security is of the utmost importance, we comply with national security summit standards and store all software development documentation in the secure State Exchange System site.

All Virginia Vendors

In order to participate in the submission of Virginia Substitute Forms, (including the 760CG return package) all software providers supporting Virginia returns must submit a completed Software Provider Registration Form and Letter of Intent Form (LOI). All software providers must also complete the Tax Software Provider National Standards Letter of Intent, also known as the “National LOI”, housed on the Federation of Tax Administrators' (FTA) website.

Regardless of status, vendors must have the signed and completed Virginia LOI approved before we will allow forms testing to begin.

Once logged in, per the vendor level of access, the SES provides the Virginia LOI and all applicable documentation for substitute forms and e-File. You can view an overview of the Substitute Forms development documents here.

New Virginia Vendors

NOTE:  In order to be added to the list of State Exchange Industry Authorized Users, a separate verification process is necessary.

  1. After the vendor completes and submits a Registration Form, we will complete a suitability review. If approved, we will provide access to the Virginia LOI in the secure SES site.
  2. Once the LOI is completed, we will give you access to Substitute Forms Documentation and e-File Documentation as determined by the completed registration form.
  3. Testing will be allowed once the signed LOI is received and approved.

Existing Virginia Vendors in Good Standing

As agreed to by the IRS / State / Industry Summit Working Groups for vendors on the State Exchange Industry Authorized Users List:

  1. Once your 2018 Registration Form is received, we will provide you access to the Virginia LOI, Substitute Forms Documentation, and e-File Documentation in the secure SES site, as determined by the completed registration form.
  2. Testing will be allowed once the signed LOI is received and approved.

The Substitute Form development documents that are available to view in the secure SES site include:

  • Guidelines & Standards for Formatting, Content & Approval
  • 760CG Exact Specifications - PDF and Excel Formats
  • 760CG Test Scripts
  • 760CG / Schedule FED Comparison
  • 1D Barcode Documents – full size forms
  • Spec Documents – for Individual Income, Fiduciary, Corporation/Pass-Through Entity, Insurance Premiums, Sales and Use, Withholding and Miscellaneous Taxes
  • Check Digit Calculator

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