Accelerated Sales Tax

Dealers who had taxable sales and purchases of $2.5 million or more between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 may be required to make an accelerated sales tax payment.  Learn more.

Walk-In Center Closing

Our Customer Service Walk-In center, located at 1957 Westmoreland St., Richmond, VA, will close May 29.

Westmoreland Location

Where's My Refund

Find out here!


To reduce the risk of refund fraud, the Virginia Department of Taxation uses various processes to validate tax refunds prior to issuance.  These additional processes could delay the receipt of your refund.

Cash in hand

Payment Plan

Do you need to set up a payment plan to settle your tax due? We can help.

Hurricane Preparedness Equipment Sales Tax Holiday

From May 25 - 31, purchase certain hurricane and emergency preparedness equipment and supplies, free of the sales tax.  Learn more.

Missed the Deadline?

Don’t worry - Virginia grants an automatic 6-month extension to file your state income tax return. Please note, the extension only applies to the return, not to any taxes owed.  Use e-File for the fastest and safest way to file and get your refund.

Accelerated Sales Tax
Walk-in Center Closing
Where's My Refund?
Payment Plan
Sales Tax Holiday
Missed the Deadline?