Where's My Refund

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To reduce the risk of refund fraud, the Virginia Department of Taxation uses various processes to validate tax refunds prior to issuance.  These additional processes could delay the receipt of your refund.

Cash in hand

Form 1099-G/INT Available Online January 15

Starting Jan. 15, you will have secure access to your Form 1099-G/INT on our website. Find your 1099 here.


There's Still Time

You have until May 1 to file your Virginia income tax return.  E-File your tax return today and speed up your refund, especially if you use direct deposit.

Income Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Marriage

The Virginia Department of Taxation has issued Tax Bulletin 14-7, addressing Virginia's Income Tax treatment of same-sex marriage, which is now legal in the Commonwealth. Read VTB 14-7 here.

Where's My Refund?
There is Still Time
Same-Sex Marriage