Electronic Filing Options

Get your tax refund fast using e-File!


There are three options to choose from - Virginia Free File, paid e-File, and Free State Fillable Forms e-File.


For additional details, review the e-File FAQs.


e-File with Free File e-File with Fillable Forms

e-File for a Fee


Free File is a free federal and state income tax preparation and electronic filing program offered to customers based on income and other qualifiers.

To ensure you can file both your federal and state returns for free, please access these Free File products from our website.




Free Fillable Forms e-file is an online version of the Virginia 760 resident return and schedules. The Fillable version looks similar to the paper forms with the benefit of simple math calculations done for you.

Most customers can e-file their return when it is complete. Certain conditions apply that require the completed return to be mailed instead.


Paid e-file is for customers who are not eligible for Free File and prefer an electronic filing program that prepares the return through a series of questions that ask only for information relevant to the type of return filed.

Many of these programs charge a small fee and can be purchased online or over the counter.


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