General Information


Refund Matters

Income Tax Return Information

  • Filing Requirements -- Learn about who needs to file and filing thresholds
  • Residency Status -- Are you a Resident, a Nonresident, or a Part-Year Resident? Find out the correct method to file.
  • Completing Your Return -- Information on how to complete your return. Information on subtractions, deductions, credits, contributions, etc is available here.
  • Estimated Tax Payments -- Information regarding estimated tax payment requirements

Other Topics of Interest

  • Consumers Use Tax - Information on Consumers Use Tax - the "other half" of the Virginia Sales and Use Tax Act passed by the 1966 Virginia General Assembly
  • Consumer Cigarette Tax - Information on Consumer Cigarette Tax Return requirements.
  • Fiduciary - Information on Fiduciary Tax Return requirements.
  • Registration of Nonresident Property Owners - Information on Registration of nonresident property owners.
  • Penalties and Interest -- Virginia law requires the Department of Taxation to assess penalties for underpayment of tentative tax (extension penalty), late filing, and late payment.  Learn more on how penalties and interest are assessed.
  • Unified Nonresident -- Learn about Form 765, which applies to owners of S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.


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