Payment Options

The Virginia Department of Taxation (Department) offers several electronic and paper options for payment of Individual Income and Business Taxes. Payments not honored by your bank may incur a payment fee.


Electronic Options can be done via several methods as described below. Multiple online options support these methods.

  • ACH Debit - the Department will withdraw (debit) the payment from your bank account
  • ACH Credit - your bank account will push (credit) the payment to the Department's bank account
  • Credit Card - a charge (your payment to the Department) will be placed on the balance of your credit card

Paper Options include mailing a Check or a Money Order to the Department.


Payment Plans exist when you cannot pay outstanding balances in full. 

Electronic Options

The Department offers multiple options for electronically paying tax returns, vouchers, estimated payments, bill payments, etc for Individual and Business Taxes. 


Additional information related to ACH Debit vs. ACH Credit payment handling is available in the Electronic Payment Guide.


Visit each option for further details on how the Department's services can support your electronic payment needs.


Free Fees Debit Credit Checking Savings


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  Business iFile

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  Web Upload

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  Online for Individual Taxes

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  QuickPay (bill pay)

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  Credit Card


  ACH Credit Payment

See Electronic Payment Guide.   X X X

Paper Options

The Check or Money Order you mail to the Department must include your tax account number (SSN or FEIN) and specific tax period of the return / voucher you are including. This applies to both Individual Taxes and Business Taxes.


Special Reminder - Individual Income Tax Returns

  • For paper filed returns - Include your check / money order with your return and mail to either the Commissioner of your city /county or directly to the Virginia Department of Taxation.
  • For e-Filed returns (760, 760PY & 763) - Mail only the payment voucher with check / money order directly to the Virginia Department of Taxation, PO Box 1478, Richmond VA 23218-0760.

Each return / instructions will include the mailing address you must use. All paper payments must be addressed and mailed to the Virginia Department of Taxation using the appropriate Payment PO Box.

Payment Plans

The Department offers an automated payment plan system to set up a payment plan for your outstanding balances. This system, Teleplan, is available 24/7 at (804) 440-5100 and supports both individual income tax and business tax debts.


Certain conditions apply that may restrict you from using the automated set up option, which means you must speak with a Collections Representative (804) 367-8045 instead. Visit the Teleplan page for full details.

Payment Fee - Returned Payments

If your financial institution does not honor any payment to us, the Virginia Department of Taxation may impose a fee of $35 (Code of Virginia § 2.2-614.1). This fee is in addition to any other penalty/interest related to the account/filing.


You may resubmit your payment via the Business iFile, Online Individual Income Taxes, Credit Card, or Paper payment methods described on this page.


For details on the reason payment was not honored, please contact your financial institution. For details on all fee/penalty/interest types, review the Penalties and Interest page.


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