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Corporate e-File

e-File Availability

The Corporate e-File system closes December 26, 2014 and will reopen in January 2015.

Corporation Tax Software

The following software products go through our approval process in order to process Virginia Corporation tax returns through the Federal/State e-File program.

The Virginia Department of Taxation does not promote or endorse any particular online filing product. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a product meets their e-Filing needs. Approval by the Department only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.







CS Professional

CS Prof


Drake Software



H & R Block

H&R Block

Intuit ProSeries


Intuit Tax Online 


Lacerte Tax



 OLT Pro



ProSystem fx

ProSystem CCH



TaxSlayer Pro



Tax Technologies

Tax Tech










Filing Reminders and Changes

  • Per the 2012-2014 Appropriations Act, Corporation income tax returns must be filed electronically.
    • This took effect beginning with Taxable Year 2012 returns and their tax due payments.
      • All corporations can file/pay through the Federal/State e-File program.
      • Corporations meeting certain conditions can file/pay through the Department's eForms system.
        NOTE:  Details regarding these conditions for the 500EZ can be reviewed in the eForms FAQs.
    • Corporations that are unable to file and pay electronically must request a hardship waiver.
  • Virginia accepts original and amended e-File Corporation Income Tax returns for Tax Year 2013, and will continue to accept original returns for Tax Years 2011 and forward.
  • The availability of paying the tax due through direct debit is available.

Corporate e-File Program

Virginia’s Corporate e-File program works jointly with the IRS Federal/State e-File Program.

This allows the federal and state corporation income tax returns to be filed electronically through a vendor's website or a purchased software package. e-File software checks for completeness, corrects errors, generates the applicable schedules and electronically transmits the return and payment to the Federal/State e-File processing systems.

The e-File program provides many benefits:

  • Simultaneous electronic filing of the federal and state returns
  • Automatic electronic copy of the federal return sent to the state
  • Consolidated and combined filings
  • PDF attachments for copies of required documentation
  • Scheduling tax payments for a future date
  • Filing prior year returns for up to two tax years

Using Corporate e-File

In order to successfully e-File you must use one of approved software products/websites.

  • Verify that the software product supports the forms and tax year(s) that you want to file.
    NOTE:  Some products support federal and state filing and some products support only state filing.
  • Ensure that your computer's operating system is compatible with the software chosen.
  • Be able to create a PDF for each attachment.
    NOTE:  This requires a scanner that scan documents into a PDF or another tool that allows you to save a file as a PDF.

You will receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours from when your return(s) is received and it will advise if the return is accepted or is rejected by the e-File System. In most cases, rejected returns can be re-transmitted after correcting the error that caused the rejection.

When an e-Filed return is rejected at the federal IRS level, Virginia does not receive the electronic copy of the data. Once the return is accepted at the federal IRS level, Virginia receives the electronic information and will supply its own acknowledgment of accepted or rejected.

A return must be transmitted and accepted by the due date of the return to be considered timely filed.

Direct Debit and e-File

Corporate e-File software offers the option of paying the tax due through a direct debit.

Prior to initiating an ACH Direct Debit transaction, notify your bank that the Department of Taxation is authorized to debit your bank account.

Some banks use a "filter", which prevents unauthorized debits from a customer's account. If your bank requests a filter number or Company ID for the direct debit transactions, please contact Customer Services at (804) 367-8037 to obtain this number.

If your bank denies your EFT payment, it is handled like a returned check and late payment charges will apply.

How to Get Help

If you have additional questions regarding Corporate e-File, please review these Corporate e-File FAQs.

For additional help, please contact us at

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