General Information

Virginia Tax does not license cigarette manufacturers to produce or sell cigarette products in the Commonwealth. However, cigarette manufacturers selling cigarettes to consumers within Virginia, whether directly or through a distributor or similar intermediary, must become listed on the Virginia Tobacco Directory published on the Office of the Attorney General website in accordance with Code of Virginia §§ 3.2-4205 and 3.2-4206

Cigarette manufacturers must also either A) become a participating manufacturer (PM) and perform their financial obligations under the Master Settlement Agreement or, B) be a non-participating manufacturer (NPM) and place into a qualified escrow fund by April 15 of each year such amounts as directed under the Code of Virginia §3.2-401

Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Machines
Some tobacco shops and cigarette retailers may have installed "self- serve" cigarette machines that allow the customer to make their own cigarettes. Typically, the customer can purchase tobacco and cigarette tubes and then use the store's machine to make the cigarettes. Establishments that have these machines are considered by federal agencies to be cigarette manufacturers for tax and enforcement purposes.

Any person who maintains, operates, or rents a "roll-your-own cigarette machine" at a retail establishment that enables a person to produce cigarettes to be deemed a manufacturer of cigarettes. The resulting cigarette products are subject to state and local cigarette taxes, Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payment requirements, and reduced cigarette ignition propensity requirements.

A retail establishment may purchase tobacco upon which tax has not been paid and which has not met the requirements of the Master Settlement Agreement statutes provided that i) the tobacco is sold only to consumers for use in making cigarettes on the roll-your-own cigarette machines, ii) the retail establishment pays the taxes due on such cigarettes, and iii) the retail establishment complies with the Master Settlement Agreement statutes.

The packaging of the cigarettes must also be marked as being compliant with fire safety standards and statements meeting federal requirements related to the health effects of smoking.

The sale and use of cigarette rolling machines purchased for personal use by an individual consumer to make cigarettes for personal consumption and not for rental or use by other consumers is not subject to these provisions.

Store owners possessing or considering purchasing these machines should contact the Virginia Office of the Attorney General for further guidance regarding the legal requirements of using of these machines.

Reporting Requirements

All manufacturers producing cigarettes in the Commonwealth, or shipping cigarettes into or within Virginia, must file a monthly report of such activities (Form TT-18) with Virginia Tax. This report is due on the tenth of each month for the previous month. There is a late-filing penalty of up to $5,000 for each failure to file the TT-18 on a timely basis. A class 2 misdemeanor can also be assessed for failure to submit the monthly report.

Contact Information

For questions and information regarding the Virginia Tobacco Directory, contact:

Office of the Attorney General
Tobacco Section
900 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

For questions and information regarding reporting, Form TT-18, or the Cigarette Export Credit, contact:

Virginia Tax
Tobacco Unit
P.O. Box 715
Richmond, VA 23218