Virginia Tax supports the electronic filing of Individual Income, Fiduciary/Estate, Corporation, and Pass-through Entity (PTE) tax data with the e-File system. Software vendors go through our testing and approval process so that proper processing of taxpayer information can occur. All software development documentation is stored on the State Exchange System.

All Virginia Vendors

In order to participate in the Virginia Fed/State e-File program, all software providers supporting Virginia returns must submit a completed 2020 Software Provider Letter of Intent (LOI).

  1. After completing and submitting the Virginia Letter of Intent, we will complete a suitability review and notify you of the results.
  2. If approved, access will be granted to applicable e-File and Substitute Forms documentation and testing may begin.

Payroll Tax Providers: Please complete and submit a pro forma letter of intent.

The e-File Development Documents that are available to view in the secure SES site include:

  • Schema
  • Business Rules
  • Test Packages
  • Guides – including details for transmission requirements

Approved e-File Software

Virginia Tax does not promote or endorse any particular e-File product. Approval by Virginia Tax only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.


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