Help with Browsers

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can get additional help here with:

  • Information on Installing the Acrobat Plug-in Files
  • Configuring Your Browser to Use Acrobat as a Helper Application
  • Downloading a PDF File to Your Hard Drive

Our website works best with Internet Explorer 10 or later versions. To determine the version, select Help on the toolbar then About Internet Explorer, this will launch a window that will display the version.

Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Special Note about Compatibility View

Some features on our website, such as menus, images or text may be out-of-place if you have Compatibility View turned on.

To disable Compatibility View:

  1. Select "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window
  2. If Compatibility View has a checkmark next to it, click on it
  3. Select "Tools" again to confirm that the checkmark is gone
Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox, you can get additional help here.


If you are having problems with viewing, downloading or printing tax forms, technical assistance is available from the sources linked below.

Download or upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader

Tax forms and documents on this website are in PDF format. To view this type of file, you must have the Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

Upgrade or install the latest version of Acrobat Reader 

Download or upgrade your Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint Viewer

Certain documents on this website are in Microsoft Excel format. To view this type of file, you must have the Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Excel Viewer software installed on your computer.

Upgrade or install the latest version of Microsoft Excel Viewer.

Help with Blank Forms

If any tax forms are blank in your web browser window:

  • Try scrolling down the page. The full form may be on the bottom half of the page.
  • Make sure that the Acrobat Reader can view the form as a PDF by downloading the form to your hard drive and then opening it with the reader.
  • Make sure that the browser you are using is configured to work with Acrobat Reader. 
  • Try viewing a PDF document from a different site.

Search Tips

If you are searching for Rulings of the Tax Commissioner or other Tax Regulations; please refer to our Laws, Rules and Decisions.

The search results on this website return FORMS first and then WEBPAGES.

For better search results, try some of the following tips and search operators. Use the exact words or phrases you want to search for. Avoid entering full questions or sentences; for example, How do I file my taxes and when are they due? Instead try, individual, filing, due dates.



To avoid searching for an exact phrase, use a comma between the search terms so each term is searched for. The results will return pages where 1 or more of the search terms appear. The more terms that appear on a page, the higher that page will appear in the results.

example -- sales tax returns pages where this exact phrase appears. sales, tax returns pages where the word sales, the word tax or both words appear. The pages higher in the results will contain more of the searched terms.


Returns pages containing all searched terms.

example -- individual AND income will only return pages containing the word individual and the word income


Returns pages containing any or all search terms found.

example -- individual OR income returns pages containing only individual, only income or both individual and income


Causes the search engine to ignore pages containing the specified search terms.

example -- filing NOT status returns pages containing the word filing and not the word status.