Did you pay your Virginia income tax through direct debit?

It may take a week for your bank to process the payment. But don't worry, we count it as being received on time if you paid by the May 1 deadline.

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Contact Information

For Individuals

Phone | 804.367.8031

Fax | 804.254.6113

For Businesses

Phone | 804.367.8037

Fax | 804.254.6111

Where’s My Refund? Phone | 804.367.2486
Identity Theft Inquiries

Phone | 804.404.4185

Fax | 804.344.8565

Tax Credit Assistance Phone | 804.786.2992

Phone | 804.367.8045

Fax | 804.254.6112

Court Debt Collection Phone | 804.367.0016


Secure Email 

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General Mailing Address (Not for Tax Returns)

Virginia Tax
Office of Customer Services
P.O. Box 1115
Richmond, VA  23218-1115

Need to mail an individual income tax return? See Where to File for mailing addresses.  

Express Mail

Virginia Tax
1957 Westmoreland Street
Richmond, VA  23230

Property Tax and Real Estate Tax Questions

Personal property and real estate taxes are administered by your city, county, or town. Contact your local tax office for questions.

Railroad and Pipeline

For information regarding Railroad and Interstate Pipeline Transmission assessed values in your locality, please contact railroadandpipeline@tax.virginia.gov.

Summons, Subpoenas, and Other Legal Process

General Legal and Technical Services
Phone | 804.404.4029  
Fax | 804.786.4204

Freedom of Information Act

Disclosure Officer
Phone | 804.404.4029

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator

Kimberly Warren
Phone | 804.786.3613
Email | kimberly.warren@tax.virginia.gov

Media Relations

Heather Cooper
Email | heather.cooper@tax.virginia.gov