What is it?

A tax on the use of a shared vehicle arranged through a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform. The platform collects the tax from the person booking the vehicle, then sends the funds to Virginia Tax. 

Tax Rates

Rates are determined based upon the number of vehicles the shared vehicle owner has registered on any combination of vehicle sharing platforms. 

Large Fleets
  • Vehicle owner has more than 10 vehicles registered on vehicle sharing platforms
  • Tax rates and exemptions are the same as the motor vehicle rental tax 
Small Fleets
  • Vehicle owner has 10 or fewer vehicles registered on vehicle sharing platforms
  • Tax rate = 7% of the amount paid to the platform

How to register

Vehicle owners

Vehicle owners don’t have to register with Virginia Tax. You will need to certify the size of your fleet when you register on the vehicle sharing platform. If you’re a small fleet owner, you’ll have to let the platforms know when the number of vehicles you’re sharing rises to more than 10. 

Vehicle sharing platforms

How to file and pay

Complete Form P2P and any appropriate schedules. Returns are due on the 20th of the month following the close of the filing period. 

For more information, see our Motor Vehicle Rental and Vehicle Sharing Tax Guidelines.