You can only set up a payment plan if you've received a bill from us. If you haven't received a bill, you can still make payments using one of our other payment options.

If you're ready to pay your bill in full, see your bill payment options here

Set up your payment plan

    how to pay online

    You must be the primary account holder to view your eligible bills and set up a payment plan online.

    Log in to your online services account (or create an account if you don't already have one) to get started. 

    Questions about your existing plan? You can also review and manage your payment plan online.


    how to pay by phone


    • Call our Collections Department at 804.367.8045 during regular business hours to speak with a representative
      • Individuals: 10% down payment is recommended 
      • Businesses: 20% down payment is recommended
    • Call our automated system, Teleplan, available 24 hours a day at 804.440.5100*

    You'll need your Social Security number (individuals) or Federal Employer Identification Number (businesses) and your 5-digit bill number. 

    *Teleplan agreements: Penalties and interest continue to accrue for the length of your payment plan, but are not included in Teleplan agreements. Your final payment amount will include accrued penalties and interest. 


    Do you qualify? 

    You're eligible to set up a payment plan with us if you owe less than $25,000 in combined tax, penalties, and interest, and do not have any of the following collection actions on your account: 

    • Padlock, revocation, criminal warrant, or bond
    • Tax lien issued to an employer or bank, bankruptcy, or assignment to an outside collection agency or a Virginia Tax field agent

    If you're not eligible to set up an online payment plan, you may still be able to set up a payment plan with one of our representatives by calling 804.367.8045.

    Tips for setting up your payment plan

    • Set up the shortest payment agreement you can afford to avoid additional penalties and interest. 
    • Use your online services account to be able to manage and review your plan 24/7.  
    • Set up automatic payments, and never forget to make a payment.
    • Sign up for email reminders to get updates on your upcoming payments and any new bills.
    • Keep your account information up-to-date, especially your mailing address, to make sure you get any correspondence from us regarding your account.