Managing your account

Payment plan terms

To avoid defaulting on your payment plan, make sure you manage and understand your account. 

  • Make all required payments on time.
  • File all required returns and pay any taxes due on time.
  • We will apply any future refunds to your payment plan until it is paid in full. You are still required to make all scheduled payments on time, even if we apply your refund to your balance.
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date, especially your mailing address, to make sure you get any correspondence from us regarding your account. 

If payments are late, or you don’t stay current on other tax obligations, we may cancel the payment plan and take other actions to collect the amount due.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to make a payment on time, call Collections at 804.367.8045.

What if you miss a payment? 

Make your payment as soon as you can with one of our bill payment options. Use any 5-digit bill number from your payment plan to make your payment. 

Can't find your bill number? You can log into your online services account to view all of your bills in one place.

Review and manage your payment plan online

You can view details of your existing payment plan (next payment amount, due dates, current balance, payment history, and payment method) and make changes to your plan through your online services account. 

How to make changes to your payment plan?

Just log into your account, navigate to your payment plan and choose "Edit" next to the information you want to change. If you set up your payment plan over the phone, you can still review and make changes to your payment plan through your online services account:

What can you change online?
  • Email address (if autopay)
  • Banking information (if autopay)
  • Contact information
  • Terms of your payment plan* 
*Changing the terms of your payment plan

There are limits to the number of times you can change your payment plan terms online.

What counts as changing the terms of your payment plan?

  • Adding a new bill to your existing payment plan
  • Changing your payment method (autopay versus mail)
  • Changing your payment amount, frequency, or due dates
  • Reinstating after default