IRMS (Integrated Revenue Management System) is the name used for the suite of applications used by Virginia Tax and the Localities which include the following:

  • EESMC (External Entity Secure Messaging Center) is the portal through which Virginia Tax and the Localities exchange information. It is accessed via the web and provides Localities with the ability to upload files, such as Debt Setoff Claim files and Local Estimated Payment files. In addition, we provide reports to the Localities via EESMC.
  • ARWeb provides access to our system of record for taxpayer transactions. Tax return, payment, refund, billing, and debt-setoff information is available through ARWeb. 

IRMS Access Requirements

Access to IRMS requires completion of the following, in order:

  1. Submit IRMS Training Request – Send an email requesting IRMS training to TAX Security Administration at and include the following information. TAX Security will review and respond to each request.
    1. Name and phone number (including extension) of the person in need of IRMS and/or EESMC training.
    2. Agency or organization where the person is employed.
    3. Supervisor’s name and supervisor’s phone number (including extension) of the person needing IRMS and/or EESMC training.
    4. Reason for request identifying the business need for the person to have access to IRMS and/or EESMC training.
  2. Complete IRMS Training – Once TAX Security approves your IRMS training request,you will be emailed instructions on how to log into the Virginia Learning Center (VLC) and begin your training. Courses are listed in an easy-to-follow curriculum, and all required courses must be completed before access to IRMS is granted. Once your training is complete, proceed to the next step below.
  3. Request IRMS System Access
    1. Complete the IRMS Authorization Request Form, Form SA-IRMS-E and fax it to the number on the form.
    2. When IRMS access is granted, you will receive an e-mail with your IRMS login information along with instructions.