Address Changes

Typically, you can change your address on your return. Use your new address when you file and mark that it’s a new address. If you know you will be moving to a new address soon after you file your return, you should use that new address on your return. 

If you have moved or changed your address since you last filed a return, log in to your individual account to update your address with us. 

Don't have an individual account? Enroll here. You'll need a copy of your most recently filed Virginia tax return to enroll.

If you don't want to create an account, you can send a letter to the address below. Be sure to include:

  • Your full name and Social Security number (SSN)
  • Your spouse’s name and SSN (if filing jointly)
  • Your old mailing address
  • Your new mailing address 

Why is it important for us to have your correct address on file?

We use the mailing address you used on your most recent tax return to send you information about your Virginia Tax account. If you move or change your official address after you file your return and don’t let us know, you may not get important information from us. 

Some examples:

  • Your refund. Even if you request direct deposit, we may need to mail you a check . If we don’t have your correct address, you may not receive your refund. 
  • Correspondence about your tax return. We sometimes need more information before we can process your return. If we don’t have the right address, it will delay processing your return and issuing your refund. 
  • Attempted fraud. If we discover that someone has filed a tax return using your personal information, we will notify you by sending a letter to the address we have on file.  
  • Bills. If we think you owe taxes, we will send a bill to the address we have on file. If you don’t respond to the bill within 30 days, we may begin collection action . 
  • Other important correspondence. 

Name changes

If you need to tell us about a name change, send a copy of your current driver’s license or Social Security card that shows your legal name.

Social Security Number changes

If you need to tell us about a Social Security number change, send a copy of your Social Security card or ITIN letter from the IRS. 

Send address, name, and Social Security number changes as well as supporting documents to: 
Virginia Department of Taxation
Office of Customer Services
PO Box 1115
Richmond, VA 23218-1115
Fax: 804.254.6113