Where can I find information on computing my federal adjusted gross income, or other items on my federal income tax return?

Visit the Internal Revenue Service website at www.irs.gov, or call the IRS at 1.800.829.1040 to request information.

I moved to Virginia after retiring in another state. Is my pension from that state taxable in Virginia?

Yes. Any pension income you receive while you are a Virginia resident is taxable by Virginia, even though it may have been received from another state. However, federal legislation enacted January 1, 1996 prohibits any state from taxing pension payments made to a resident of another state. Even though your pension from another state is taxable in Virginia, it should not be taxed by the other state.

Are federal government annuities and military pensions subject to Virginia income tax?

Yes. Virginia residents are subject to tax on their entire incomes, including federal annuities and military pensions. To the extent that these payments are reported in federal adjusted gross income, they are also subject to Virginia income tax.

If I file as Head of Household on my federal return, what filing status should I use on my Virginia return?

Use Filing Status 1- Single, and mark the appropriate Head of Household indicator on your return. Virginia does not have a filing status or benefits that correspond to the federal Head of Household provisions, but we use this information to confirm your allowable standard deduction, which is $3,000.

What is Consumer's Use Tax?

Consumer's use tax is the "other half" of the Virginia retail sales and use tax requirements. Typically, you incur the consumer's use tax if you made more than $100 in purchases during the year for which you did not pay sales tax. Common instances of these types of transactions are purchases from the internet, mail-order catalogues, and cable television shopping channels. The tax also applies to tax-free purchases you make outside of Virginia, such as buying furniture at an outlet in another state and having it shipped to Virginia. See consumer's use tax for how to report and pay. 

What are Virginia's individual income tax rates?

The income tax rate schedule for Virginia is as follows:

If Your Taxable Income is
Over But Not Over Your Tax Is Of Excess Over
$0 $3,000 2%  
$3,000 $5,000 $60 + 3% $3,000
$5,000 $17,000 $120 + 5% $5,000
$17,000 ... $720 + 5.75% $17,000

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