Avoid being a victim of refund fraud:

  • Don’t provide personal information by mail, phone, email, or text to an unknown person. 
  • File your tax return early - and file electronically.
  • Be sure you have all W-2s and other withholding statements before you file.  
  • Include your Virginia driver’s license number or Virginia identification card number and issue date on your return.  
  • Watch for signs that an unauthorized person may have filed a return using your name or Social Security number: 
    • More than one tax return was filed using your Social Security number.  
    • You receive an unexpected assessment or notice indicating that you owe additional tax.
    • You receive a federal or state tax refund that you didn’t request. 
    • You had collection actions taken against you that you didn’t expect, and the information doesn’t appear to be valid. 
    • The IRS notified you that a false federal return was filed. 

See Refund Fraud Prevention to find out how Virginia Tax is helping to protect you, too.