What types of business entities can I register?
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Subchapter S Corporation
  • Multi-state Corporation
  • Nonprofit Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Government Agency
  • Cooperative
  • Other (e.g. church, union, club)
What types of Virginia state taxes can I register?
  • Retail Sales and Use Tax (In-State Dealers)
  • Use Tax (Out-of-State Dealers)
  • Employer Withholding Tax
  • Corporation Income Tax
  • Pass-Through Entity Tax
  • Insurance Premium's License Tax
  • Business Consumer's Use Tax
  • Dealer's Aircraft Sales and Use Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax
  • Vending Machines Sales Tax
  • Dealer's Watercraft Sales and Use Tax
  • Tire Tax
  • Litter Tax
  • Corn Assessment
  • Cotton Assessment
  • Egg Excise
  • Forest Products
  • Peanut Excise
  • Sheep Assessment
  • Small Grains Assessment
  • Soft Drinks Excise
  • Soybean Assessment
  • Virginia Unemployment Tax (administered by the VEC)
Who can register online?
  • New companies that don't have a Virginia Tax business account number.
  • Certain new specialty dealers for flea markets, gun shows, and art or craft shows.
  • The person registering a business must be a responsible officer of the business and must be authorized to register the business.
Who is not eligible to register online? 
  • Specialty dealers such as Avon, Amway and other similar dealers
  • A sole proprietor cannot register multiple businesses with a single SSN through our website

If your business does not qualify for online registration or if you need to register another business, you must complete and file Form R-1 instead.

Do I need software or special internet settings on my computer to register online?

Just a printer if you wish to print a copy of your registration records and certificates.

How secure is my information? Is it safe to register for taxes online?

Your internet session and registration are encrypted in a secure environment, like Virginia Tax's other online systems. This means that your information is protected from any unauthorized access when you submit it. You may also read about our privacy and security policies.

Can I make changes to my registration online?

Yes, once you have completed your registration you may return at anytime to manage your account. You may update contact and address information, add a new business location, close a location, close your business, update responsible officers of your company, print a copy of your sales tax certificate, or change your tax filing responsibilities.

What should I do if I have to log out before I've finished my registration?

Select "Save as Draft" on any of the registration pages and then click "Logout." You can login as a returning user when you are ready to continue your registration and start where you stopped.

I recently registered my business online. How soon can I start filing my taxes online?

Immediately. Registering online automatically allows you to use your business account to file and pay the taxes you registered for.