What Online Services are Available for Business?

  • Registration
    • Business Registration - Register a new business with the Virginia Department of Taxation (Department) and/or with the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC).
    • Household Employer Registration - Register as a Household Employer with the Department and/or with the VEC.
    • Tax Preparer Registration - Register as a Tax Preparer with the Department and/or with the VEC to file taxes online on behalf of your clients.​
    • Review the Registration FAQs for details.
  • File and Pay Taxes Electronically
    • eForms - Easiest way to submit returns and payments. These electronic fillable forms look similar to paper returns, perform basic calculations, warehouse/schedule payments and provide immediate confirmation. Review the eForms FAQs for details.
    • Online Services for Businesses - Provides a variety of online functions to file tax returns and make payments, perform all calculations, warehouse/schedule payments, provide immediate confirmation and offer up to 14 months of filing history. Review the Business Account FAQs for details.
    • Web Upload - Submit return and payments with the file-based system with all information a single file (ex. text or Excel). Similar systems are known as "bulk filing" or "bulk uploading". Ideal for filing multiple clients or for businesses filing multiple tax locations. Receive immediate confirmation, view up to 24 months worth of uploaded files and warehouse/schedule your files as needed. View the Web Upload FAQs details.
  • Communicate Online - Secure Messaging - Send a secure and confidential email to the Department. You may also include attachments with your secure message.
  • Update Business Profiles - It is important to keep your information current and to report any changes in a timely manner. Online Services for Businesses allows you to update addresses / contact information, add / close a business location, update responsible officers, close your business, register for additional taxes and/or print a copy of your sales tax certificate.
  • QuickPay - Pay a tax bill / assessment. Review the QuickPay FAQs for details.

What are the benefits of using the Online Services?

Electronic transactions are processed faster, are more efficient and are less prone to errors than paper transactions. Filing and paying your taxes online also significantly reduces the operational costs of the Department. 

How much does it cost to use the Online Services?

All of our online services are free and available 24 hours a day.

What type of equipment and software is required?

You need a computer and Internet access to use our online services; no additional software or hardware is required. Find out if your computer and internet browser are compatible.

Is it safe to file and pay taxes over the Internet?

The Department takes security very seriously and has strict controls in place to protect your tax information. Find out more about our Security and Privacy Policy and how you can protect yourself. Many of our Online Services will accept a payment. Payments are processed as a debit transaction against your checking account. This is also completely safe and secure.

Do I have to register to use any of the Online Services?

Several of our online services (ex. Online Services for Businesses and Web Upload) require you to register / enroll to ensure that only you (or designated users) have access to your account. Once you register / enroll,  you may access that system anytime you want by logging in as a returning user. To ensure delivery of confirmation emails from Online Services and to receive a Temporary Password, please add "DoNotReply@tax.virginia.gov" to your trusted email list.