The 2023 Virginia General Assembly passed a law giving taxpayers with a tax liability a rebate of up to $200 for individual filers and up to $400 for joint filers. Eligible taxpayers must have filed their 2022 individual income tax return by November 1, 2023 to receive the rebate.  

Check Your Eligibility

Do you need to pay taxes on the rebate?

If you took the standard deduction, you won’t need to take any action on your federal return related to the rebate. 

If you itemized your deductions, you may be required to report the rebate amount you received as income on your federal return, depending on your circumstances. You’ll receive a Form 1099G, just like you would if you received a state tax refund. Please review the IRS guidance on state tax payments to help taxpayers and consult a tax professional if you have additional questions.

Eligible taxpayers must have filed by November 1, 2023 to receive the rebate

You can check your eligibility, and the date your rebate was issued using our rebate lookup tool

Are you eligible?

Not every taxpayer is eligible. If you had a tax liability last year, you will receive up to $200 if you filed individually, and up to $400 if you filed jointly. Tax liability is the amount of tax you owe throughout the year minus any credits (like the earned income tax credit or the credit for taxes you paid to another state), deductions, or subtractions.

You can check your eligibility using our rebate lookup tool. If you still have questions about your eligibility, check out these common scenarios for more information 

Did you receive social security, unemployment, or disability income last year?
Was your adjusted gross income less than $11,950 (individuals) or $23,900 (joint) last year?
Did you take credits, like the low income tax credit, when you filed?
Do you owe money to a local or state agency or institution?
Did you have a tax liability when you filed?

Some taxpayers received the rebate by direct deposit and some received a paper check

If you received your refund by direct deposit this year, you’ll likely receive your rebate by direct deposit in the same bank account. All other eligible taxpayers will receive their rebate by paper check in the mail.  

Reasons you may have received a paper check: 

  • That’s how you received your refund,  
  • The bank account where you received your refund by direct deposit is closed or otherwise unavailable,  
  • We didn't have your bank account information on file from your refund,   
  • You owed money when you filed or didn’t receive a refund, or  
  • Your rebate was offset because of existing debts. 

Look for the description “VA DEPT TAXATION VATXREBATE” on your bank statement if your rebate is being delivered by direct deposit. Look for an envelope from us (“Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Taxation”) if your rebate is being delivered by check.

We’re unable to update your bank account information or change your rebate method of payment 

  • If you've moved in the last year and have a current forwarding order with the USPS, your check will be forwarded to your new address.   
  • If the bank account where you received your Virginia refund by direct deposit is closed or otherwise unavailable, you’ll receive your rebate by paper check in the mail. 

Some taxpayers’ rebates were reduced or withheld to satisfy existing debts

If you owe money to certain government agencies and institutions, we are required to use your rebate to satisfy that debt before sending you the remainder in a check. If you owe more than the amount of your rebate, we will send you a letter explaining the use of your rebate toward the debt. 

2023 Tax Rebate Overview