During the 1997 Session, the Virginia General Assembly enacted House Bill 2367 (1997 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 726), which established the Worker Retraining Tax Credit. This is a tax credit for employers that provide eligible worker retraining to certain employees.

During the 2018 Session, the Virginia General Assembly enacted House Bill 129 (2018 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 500), which modified the Worker Retraining Tax Credit by allowing a taxpayer primarily engaged in manufacturing to claim the credit for direct costs incurred in conducting orientation, instruction, and training of certain students in Virginia relating to the manufacturing activities undertaken by such taxpayer.

This legislation requires Virginia Tax to adopt guidelines establishing procedures for claiming the credit, defining eligible worker retraining, and providing for the allocation of credits among employers and businesses requesting credits in the event that the amount of credits for which requests are made exceeds the available amount of credits in any year. These guidelines will set forth such procedures and provide general guidance regarding the credit.

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