June is one of the most popular months for weddings. If you’re tying the knot, you know the planning process for the ceremony and reception is a long one. It usually includes the cake, the gift registry, the guest list, and much more.

However, there’s one thing you may not have thought about – taxes. Getting married may really affect your tax situation too.

Here are some simple steps that can take the stress out of filing your first tax return as a newlywed:

  • Check your withholding at the beginning of each year, or when your personal circumstances change, such as getting married. If you need to change your withholding, complete and submit a new Form W-4 (federal) and VA-4 (Virginia) to your employer.
  • Marriage may mean a change in name and address. If you’ve changed your name since filing your last Virginia individual income tax return, make sure your new name is on your latest return and fill in the oval that says “Name changed.” If your address is different, you can also change it on your latest return, or you can report that to us in other ways. See How to Change Your Name, Address or Social Security Number.
  • Finally, consider your filing status. Your marital status on Dec. 31 determines whether you’re considered married for that full year. Generally, the tax law allows married couples to file federal income taxes either jointly or separately in any given year. Typically, your Virginia filing status will be the same as the one you selected on your federal return.