This page provides FAQs for all customers using the Web Upload system.

To review other Web Upload FAQs, please visit the Web Upload TAX FAQs and VEC Web Upload FAQs pages.

General Information & Requirements

Why should I use Web Upload?

Web Upload is available to everyone and is a great system for submitting return information and payments electronically. You can use the system for both Virginia Tax and the Virginia Employment Commission. The multiple customer feature is especially beneficial for tax professionals and payroll companies who file on behalf of multiple clients.

The system is also a great option for small business owners who prepare return(s) using tax preparation software or use programs such as Excel for spreadsheets. You can submit information for multiple customers or periods in a single file. Web Upload also provides instant validation on files as well as the ability to schedule files for submission on a future date.

Do I have to use Web Upload if I already have an Online Services for Business account?

No. Web Upload is one more opportunity for you to benefit from filing/paying electronically. It is especially beneficial if you have multiple returns to file/pay at the same time or accounts that involve schedules for multiple locations. However, Online Services for Business cannot be used to electronically submit W2/1099 wage and income statements. To submit this data electronically, you must use Web Upload or eForms.

Is the Web Upload system secure?

Yes, it is very secure. Web Upload uses the latest Internet security technology to secure transactions. It has many layers of security, which includes processes and procedures to stop unauthorized access, validate appropriate participants and ensure the integrity of the system. Notice the "s" in the "https" portion of the Web Upload system's URL (web address). It stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" and is a form of encryption to protect you and your clients' information.

What type of equipment and software is required to use Web Upload?

All that is needed is a computer with a standard browser and access to the Internet. It is recommended to use a high-speed Internet Connection, such as DSL or Cable. The browser must be Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher, Firefox version 2.0 or higher, or Google Chrome.

Setup & Basics

Do I have to sign up in order to use Web Upload?

Yes. There is a simple registration or "signup" process to complete the first time you use Web Upload. You will provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, and some other basic information. After the sign up, you will only need your e-mail address and password to access your Web Upload account.

Do I have to sign up each company with Web Upload?

No. You only need to sign up once.

You can use that one Web Upload account to submit files for multiple clients/companies, even though you can only enter one company's information during the signup process. The information you submit in your file is what the applicable agency uses for your return and return/payment information. When completing the signup process, provide the contact information in the event there is a problem with the file.

Why didn't I get my confirmation email after signing up?

It's possible that your email filters are blocking the confirmation email. Check your spam filter and add and to your safe list of email addresses. Also, verify that your e-mail address was entered correctly during the sign up process. If you used the wrong email address, sign up again using the correct one.

Where do I start after logging into Web Upload?

The Web Upload process is to Sign Up, Set Up, and Submit. First, visit the "File Layouts" page to start the set up and filing process. This page is also where you can save a sample of certain Web Upload File Layouts, which will help if you need to create a file yourself. Additional details are provided in this FAQs page as well as in the Web Upload Guide. Reviewing these materials will help you to file properly with Web Upload.

What does it mean that Web Upload is "file-driven"?

Instead of mailing paper returns or keying each return separately, you store all of your return/payment information in one file. There can be information for one return or multiple returns (of the same return type) in a single file. You are considered to have filed that return (or return with payment) when you submit your file through Web Upload. No further action is required for the filing of the return.

Why can't I key my information into Web Upload?

As described above, Web Upload is a "file-driven" system. If you prefer to key in/enter your return/payment information, visit and review our eForms or Online Services for Business system.

How long does Web Upload store my files?

Web Upload automatically deletes files after a specific number of days, depending on the form type. This does not impact the information filed with the applicable agency, only what is stored in the Web Upload system.

  • Forms VA-5, VA-15 and VA-16 = 2 years
  • Forms VA-6, W-2, 1099-R, 1099-MISC and Schedule VK-1 = 1 year
  • Forms ST-8, ST-9 and ST9-CO = 180 days
  • Form P2P = 180 days
  • Forms FC-20 and FC-21 = 120 days
What if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday?

The return and payment information is due on the first business day following the weekend or holiday. Information must be submitted through Web Upload by midnight of the filing deadline.

File Layouts & File Content

What types of files can I use with Web Upload?

There are three file types: Excel, fixed-width (column based), and delimited. You can choose from tab, comma, or semicolon for your field delimiters. You can also zip/compress your files. Web Upload does not support the PDF file format.

When and why do I have to create a File Layout?

You only create your File Layout once for each return type. You can edit the File Layout at any time after it has been created. Web Upload will indicate what information is required to Submit the return/payment information and how your file must be formatted. Web Upload will also use your File Layout to review your file and let you know about any errors you must fix.

Can I delete a File Layout?

Yes. You can delete a File Layout as long as all files uploaded with that layout have been processed. Deleting a duplicate File Layout is the main reason to delete a File Layout. Otherwise, you can simply edit the File Layout as needed.

Can I use the "View Sample" file on the Create Layouts page to set up my own file for Web Upload? 

Yes - but only to set up your file on your computer. You must save your own return/payment information in that file and on your computer, so you can use it later to Submit that information via Web Upload.

What if my file contains information other than the required fields?

You are allowed to include additional information for Excel and delimited file types. You must enter the additional information in a "filler" field, which you add when creating your File Layouts. The data in the "filler" fields is considered informational and is not processed.

Do I have to change my system to use Web Upload?

No. This is one of the benefits of filing and paying with Web Upload. The Web Upload website provides the requirements and you can change your Web Upload File Layout to match what your system produces.

How do I make a payment with Web Upload? 

There are two ways to make an ACH debit payment with Web Upload:

  • Include the checking account and payment information for each return in the file, OR
  • Save a designated checking account in your Profile to debit all payments listed in a file and indicate the use of the designated account prior to uploading your file with the "Bank Account" checkbox. The Payment Amount field must still be included in the file for each record.
Can I use a savings account rather than a checking account with Web Upload?

No. At this time, Web Upload can only accept checking account information for payments.

Do I have to report both the dollars and the cents? 

Yes. All dollar/cents amounts must be reported and you MUST include the decimal point. For example, "$25" must be reported as 25.00 and "$25.49" must be reported as 25.49 in the file. This applies to "zero" due returns too. A "zero" must be reported as 0.00 in the file.

Does Web Upload accept files with amended return and payment information?

No. You cannot amend returns and payments through Web Upload. If you find an error in your return information and the file is in the "Processed" status, you must mail a paper return to amend the information sent in your Web Upload file. However, if the file is in the "Ready to Submit" or "Scheduled" status, you may make modifications as needed.

Uploading & Submitting Files

What is the difference between Upload and Submit?

When you "Upload" the file, you are associating the file to your Web Upload account and the system will review your file for errors. You must then "Submit" the file in Web Upload. This actually files the return and payment information with the applicable agency.

Does Web Upload accept password protected files?

No. Web Upload does not accept password protect files. Your file must not be password protected, otherwise Web Upload will produce an error message and you will not be able to Upload your file.

Can compressed/zipped files be uploaded to Web Upload?

Yes, but doing so requires an extra step. When you Upload a compressed or zipped file, mark the "Compressed (Zipped)" checkbox. This allows Web Upload to properly upload the file before you submit it.

Can my file use headers and/or footers?

Yes and No. To avoid errors you must enter the number of header lines and/or footer lines on the Upload Files page in Web Upload. Examples of header and footer lines include field names (like in the "View Sample" file) and column summaries. Fixed-width files must not contain headers or footers.

What does "In Process" mean?

Once you submit your file, the status changes to "In Process." This means the file is being processed and no further modifications can be made to it. Web Upload will continue processing the file even after you log out of the system. You do not need to monitor the file to make sure it continues processing. You can upload and submit your next file without having to wait until the other file is finished.

Will I get a confirmation message after I Submit my file?

Yes. A confirmation email is sent to your e-mail address within one business day, once your file moves from the "In Process" status to the "Processed" status. Be sure your e-mail address is correct in order to receive the confirmation email.

Can I schedule (warehouse) my payment to be submitted on a future date?

Yes. You will schedule the entire file (return and payment information) for future submission, not just the payment information by itself. Do not schedule your file for submission beyond the due date.

Why do I get error messages for blank rows and/or columns in my Excel file?

Sometimes an Excel file "thinks" there is still data in a row or column, even when they appear blank. To correct this you must delete the row(s) after the last row of information and delete the column(s) to the right of the last column. This is not a result of Web Upload but of Excel.

If I use Web Upload, do I still need to submit paper returns or income statements?

No, you no longer need to fill out and file the paper return.