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What's Web Upload?

Web Upload is a quick and easy way to file and pay employer withholding, income tax statements (W-2/1099s), sales tax, and partnership VK-1 schedules. 

Web Upload also accepts Unemployment Insurance Tax Reports FC-20 and FC-21 as supported by the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). Review Web Upload VEC Forms for details.

This file-based system has the ability to save all return and payment information into a single file to send to the applicable agency. Similar types of systems may be referred to as "bulk filing" or "bulk uploading."

It supports Excel, fixed-width (column based), and delimited files; zipped or compressed files are accepted. Logging into Web Upload allows you to view the file layouts for each of the supported forms. Sample files can be viewed for the file layouts that use the Excel and delimited formats.

Benefits include instant validation and feedback on your file content. You also have the ability to schedule (or warehouse) files for submission on a future date up to the due date of the return.

You can submit return and payment information for multiple customers or periods in a single file, which is especially beneficial for tax professionals and payroll companies who file on behalf of multiple clients. The service is also a great option for small business owners who prepare return(s) using tax preparation software or use programs such as Excel.

Please refer to the Web Upload General FAQs, the Virginia Tax FAQs and the Web Upload Guide (pdf) for additional details.

Web Upload Accepted Tax Forms

Withholding - the due date of Form VA-6 and supporting documents (W-2s and 1099s) is January 31.

  • VA-5 Monthly/Quarterly/Seasonal Withholding Return
  • VA-15 Semi-weekly Withholding Payment
  • VA-16 Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation
  • VA-6 Annual Withholding Reconciliation

W-2 and 1099 - submissions accepted using EFW2/SSA, Tax Excel spreadsheet, and Publication 1220 formats.

Sales Tax

  • ST-9 Sales and Use Tax Return (Single Locality) 
  • ST-9 Sales and Use Tax Return (Multiple Localities) 
  • ST-8 Out-of-State Use Tax Return
  • P2P Peer-to-peer Vehicle Sharing Return

Fiduciaries, Estates,Trusts, and Unified Nonresident Filers

  • 770-ES Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers for Estates, Trusts, and Unified Filers
  • 770-IP Fiduciary and Unified Nonresident Automatic Extension Payment Voucher
  • 770-PMT Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment

Schedule VK-1

  • All Web Upload files types are supported.
  • Companies are encouraged to use PTE e-File for all other pass-through entity forms and schedules.

Web Upload VEC Forms

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) supports filing and paying Unemployment Insurance Tax Reports electronically via Web Upload. The VEC accepts Forms FC-20 and FC-21 via the ICESA, EFW2/MMREF and Excel and Delimited file types.

Visit their VEC Reporting Options page for full details. Questions for VEC Forms must be sent to

All Online Service Options

Virginia Tax offers Web Upload, your Online Services Business Account, and eForms as ways to file and pay your withholding and sales tax returns.

Compare Online Service Options for Businesses (pdf) to determine which electronic system best fits your filing needs.

Web Upload Tax Server-to-Server Processing

Web Upload offers the option of uploading and submitting your return and payment information through "server-to-server" processing to Virginia Tax. This option may be advantageous to companies filing on behalf of a high volume of customers. Your server will communicate with Virginia Tax's server and provide files with return and payment information as detailed in the Web Upload Virginia Tax Server-to-Server Specifications (pdf).

You must still register to use the service. Mark the "Server-to-Server" check box and provide your server's external IP Address in order to finish the registration process. A Business Administrator will contact you within 10 - 15 business days to provide you with complete login and password information.

Important Notice Regarding Electronic Banking Transactions 

If your bank does not honor any ACH debit or ACH credit payment to us, Virginia Tax may impose a penalty of $35 as authorized by Code of Virginia § 2.2-614.1. This penalty would be in addition to other penalties such as for late payment of a tax.

In addition, federal banking regulations have imposed additional reporting requirements on all electronic banking transactions that directly involve a financial institution outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the United States at any point in the process. These are called International ACH Transactions (IAT).

At present, Virginia Tax does not support IAT. If we process an international transaction as a domestic transaction, it may be rejected by the taxpayer's bank, subjecting the taxpayer to late penalties.

By instructing us to process the electronic banking transactions contained in your uploaded files, you are certifying that the transactions do not directly involve a financial institution outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the United States at any point in the process.

If any transaction is IAT, payment will need to be made using a paper check or by ACH credit. For information about ACH credit, please refer to our Electronic Payment Guide (pdf).


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