Virginia Tax designed this page to provide documentation, available services, and updated tax resources used by tax preparers and payroll providers who assist customers with their tax needs.

Online Filing Services

These services are available for all tax professionals and their customers. Review Online Options for how eForms, a business online services account, and Web Upload can meet your online service needs.

  • eForms - no sign-up, easy filing, and some calculations performed
  • Business Account - file/pay through one account and view up to 14 months of history
  • Web Upload - suitable for submitting one or multiple returns in a single file

Approved e-File Software

Virginia Tax does not promote or endorse any particular e-File product. Our approval only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.

Software vendors that have been approved via the e-File testing practices will be displayed in each of the following pages with a status of "Approved." Vendors that are still testing will display a status of "Pending."


Documents & Forms

The following categories of documents and forms are provided to aid the various tax needs and services of tax professionals.

Document Document Description Revision Date
Electronic Payment Guide Virginia Department of Taxation - Electronic Payment Guide 10/2017
Tax Types Tax Types & Numeric Tax Codes 11/2015
Filing Frequency Verification Filing Frequency Verification Transmittal Form 12/2018
Waiver Requests
Tax Preparer Hardship Paid Tax Preparer - Individual Returns - Hardship Waiver Request VA-8454P 5/2019
Corporation Corporation Income Tax Electronic Filing Waiver Request 11/2015
Fiduciary Fiduciary Income Tax Electronic Filing Waiver Request  10/2019
PTE Pass-Through Entity Electronic Filing Waiver Request
(Does not include Elective Pass-Through Entity Tax)
Sales Sales Tax Electronic Filing Waiver Request 11/2015
Withholding Employer Withholding Electronic Filing Waiver Request 11/2015
e-File Documents - Individual Income Tax & Fiduciary Income Tax
Form VA-8453 2022 Individual e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453 11/2022
Form VA-8879 2022 Individual e-File Signature Form VA-8879 11/2022
Form VA-8453F 2022 Fiduciary e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453F 11/2022
Form VA-8879F 2022 Fiduciary e-File Signature Form VA-8879F 11/2022
e-File Documents - Corporation Income Tax & PTE Tax
Form VA-8453C 2022 Corporate e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453C 11/2022
Form VA-8879C 2022 Corporate e-File Signature Form VA-8879C 11/2022
Form VA-8453P 2022 PTE e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453P 11/2022
Form VA-8879P 2022 PTE e-File Signature Form VA-8879P 11/2022

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